The Walking Dead is a survivor horror campaign set in modern time. The actual core book used is “All Flesh Must Be Eaten”, but AFMBE was not listed in the options selection.

The Walking Dead places PCs in a modern time setting when the zombie apocalypse first arrises. Taking the love and feel of Romero’s films and adding my own ideas brought about by my love of the genre. As the PC, you must fight your way through zombies while trying to figure out how to survive not only the walking dead, but the living as well. This game is not for those with a weak stomach or those who cant ROLEplay. The key is survival in a world that is now filled with zombies and your only hope of surviving is to get along with people who have their own agendas. Are you prepared for a game that will not only challenge you in zombie-on-man combat but also challenge you in both mind and ability to tackle the worst enemy of all… THE LIVING?

When there is no more room in hell… the dead shall walk the earth!

The Walking Dead